Winter WOD Throwdown WOD 3

WOD 3 Standards



For Time:

20 GHD Sit-ups

10 Burpees Over the Bar

20 DeadLifts

10 Burpees Over Bar

20 Shoulder to Overhead

10 Burpees over Bar


RX –165/115 Scaled—135/85 Beginner—95/55

RX Hspu (men 3” deficit) Scaled—Hand Release Push ups Beginner—Box Pushups



For Time

20 GHD Sit-ups (each partner will perform separately)

10 Tandem Burpees over Bar

40 DeadLifts with DL Hold

10 tandem burpees over Bar

40 Shoulder to Overhead with front rack hold

10 tandem burpees over bar

40 HSPU with handstand hold


RX –165/115 Scaled—135/85 Beginner—95/55

RX Hspu (men 3” deficit) Scaled—Hand Release Push ups Beginner—Box Pushups




Movement Standards:

GHD Sit-ups –Athletes will begin sitting on the ghd machine with both hands touching the foot pad. BOTH hands must reach back and touch target(wallball) Rep is complete when both hands touch the foot pad.

Burpee Over bar—Chest and thighs must touch the ground. Athletes must jump with both feet simultaneously over the bar. Lateral jumps may be accepted. Rep is complete once athlete has cleared the barbell. If any part of the body touches the bar; the jump must be repeated for the rep to count.

DeadLifts—Bar will begin on the ground. Once the athlete is standing with knees and hips full extended and shoulders behind the bar the rep is complete. Dropping the bar will be permitted.

Shoulder to Overhead—Barbell must be taken from the ground to the shoulders. Once the bar reaches the shoulders the athlete my strict press, push press, push jerk or split jerk the bar to the overhead position. The rep will not be complete until the athlete has reached full extension with their arms locked out overhead and knees and hips fully extended with feet together under the hips.


Handstand Pushups—Athletes must begin in a handstand with arms fully locked out and both feet against the wall. The head must clearly touch the ground. The athlete will then drive up to full extension and return to beginning position with arms locked out and heels on the wall. Head does not have to come through the arms, but the elbows need to clearly lock out—please speak with your judge if you have any range of motion issues.


Hand Release Push ups—Athletes will begin in a push up position. Athletes will lower to the ground and clearly release the hands from the ground. The athlete will then press up to the original plank position with elbows fully locked out and legs off the ground.


Box Push-ups at 20”—Athletes will begin with hands on the box in a plank position. Athletes will lower to the box until their chest clearly touches the box. The rep will be complete when the athlete returns to the plank position. Knees will not be permitted to bend or it will be a no rep.


TEAM FLOW: At 3-2-1 go partner 1 will begin their 20 GHD sit ups. Upon Completion athlete 2 will complete their 20 GHD Sit-ups. Once athlete 2 is finished they will move on to their 10 tandem burpees over bar. The chest and thighs of both athletes must clearly be on the ground at the same time. Jumps over the bar do not have to be synchronized but the athlete’s chest and thighs must both touch the ground at the same time before standing. Rep is complete once both athletes have jumped over the bar. Once 10 Tandem BOB have been completed they will move on to DeadLifts with holds. One athlete will hold their barbell at the top of the deadlift at full extension with hips and knees locked out. Once that athlete has reached full extension the second athlete may begin their deadlifts. Athletes may switch whenever they want. Just remember that the holding athlete must be at full extension before the working athlete begins. There will be no minimum work requirement for either athlete. Athletes will return to tandem BOB. Once the complete their 10 reps they will move onto 40 Shoulder to Overhead. One athlete will clean their bar and hold it in a front rack position. Once the athlete has established the front rack position the other athlete may begin performing the shoulder to overhead repetitions. Again, athletes may switch whenever they want and no minimum work is required. Once the S2OH reps are complete; the tandem BOB reps may be completed. The last 40 repetitions is hspu/hand release pu/ box pushups. One athlete must be holding a handstand or plank depending on division. The working athlete can only work once the holding athlete has reached their holding position with elbows at full extension. If in a handstand both heels must be on the wall. Beginners will hold their planks with their hands on the box.


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