Thursday 1/29/15

A. Rowing OR Running Intervals

3 Sets:

500m Row OR 400m Run

60s between efforts

3 Sets:

300m Row OR 200m Run

40s Between efforts

3 sets

100m Row or 100m Run

20s Rest between Efforts

(rest 60s after last 500, 40s after last 300)

(For the 100m run, just sprint up to the 200 turn-around, rest up there then sprint back for your second one)


B. 15 Min EMOM

1st–5-10 Strict HSPU

2nd–1 Rope Climb

3rd– 3/arm Single arm DB Overhead Squats

Scale–wall walks or handstand holds, Laying down rope climbs or practice biting the rope with your feet, barbell overhead squats)

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