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Nutrition plays an unbelievably vital role in your success. Most of us know that you must eat right to maximize fat loss. Eating sugar, grains, processed carbs, etc will destabilize blood sugar and make it impossible to burn body fat. Eating high caloric foods multiple times a day will make it extremely difficult to reach the proper caloric deficits needed to lose weight. Eating too little will sabotage fat loss and increase cravings for bad foods, and so on. Our diets need to be centered around leaner cuts of protein, vegetables, healthy fats, some fruits, and some starch.

Not only does proper nutrition lead to fat loss but it also increases energy. When you have more energy you perform better in workouts. What I mean is that you can get more work done is less time. That is THE definition of intensity and intensity = results! When you can attack workouts and not just “get through them” you will burn more calories and more fat! On the flip side, When you eat poorly then your energy levels take a hit. Going

into a workout with no energy kills the intensity and in turn, your results. If you are serious about success then you want to have as much energy as possible for as many workouts as possible.

Eating right also quickens your recovery from workouts. The best way to stay sore and achy following a workout is to eat like crap. Poor eating slows down tissue repair. Eating right on the other hand speeds up tissue repair and gets you back to feeling good much quicker. When you feel good you can workout more often and and the workouts will have more intensity because you’re not trying to workout in pain. And what does frequent, intense exercise get you??? That’s right…results!

With nutrition being so essential in your overall health and success then it only makes sense that we place a huge emphasis upon it. As a Warrior Pride client you will be taught EXACTLY how to eat to maximize performance and fat loss and will be held accountable to make sure you are following through.

We will help you attain your nutritional goals through the following:

• Nutrition Seminars
• Food Journals
• No Dieting!
• Constant Accountability

When it comes to your nutrition we leave no stone unturned. We take it very seriously and expect our clients to as well because it IS the key that will unlock the door to success!

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