Monday 4/6/14

Hope you all had a great Easter!


A. 8×3 Box Squats @60% of Max

1 minute rest between sets

use plates to stack up so you are squatted right at parallel


B. 10 min AmRap

5 Pull-Ups

10 Hang Power Cleans

15m Prowler Sprint 1x45lbs for ladies/2x45lbs for Men if on turf  1×25 for ladies/1×45 if outside

Beast Mode–

5 Bar MU/155-105 HPC


5 C2B/135-95 HPC


5 Pull-ups/115-75 HPC


Banded/<95-65 HPC


C. 3 Sets

8 Glute Ham Raises

10 Push Ups (hands on KBs)

25 Tuck Crunches

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