Monday 2/8/16

A: 8 Rounds (16 Minutes) – EMOM, perform:

-Odd minute: 1x power snatch + 2x hang squat snatch (Work up to max 1+2 for the day)

-Even minute: 6-10x bar facing burpees

*For the bfb chose a rep range that will have you working for around 30 seconds for the first few rounds and hits a max of 40-45 seconds in the later rounds. Use the same rep count across the 10 sets).


B. 13 Minute AMRAP:

100x double unders

75x wallball (20#/14#(

50x toes to bar

25x deadlift (205#/155#)


C. After Class– 3 sets:

15 Pull Aparts

Handstand Practice

30s Hollow Hold

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