Monday 1/16/15

A. 0-10 minute mark.

9 Minute EMOM

1st 30s


2nd 30s



6 c2b

8 burpees


4 c2b OR 6 Pull-ups

8 burpees


3 pull-ups

50s of burpees


8 Ring Rows

50s of burpees


B. 10-23 minute mark

1 Power Clean+1 hang Squat Clean every 90s for 8 sets –work up to a heavy lift at this complex

–you may work your way up in weight. Be careful here. If your max is 105lbs, don’t get there in 2 sets!


C. For Time–this is meant to be a sprint!

50 Double Unders

25 Front Squats

50 Double Unders

–BM 155/105

–Rx 115/85

-scaled 95/65 and 100 single unders

–beginner less weight or goblet squats and 50 single unders

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