Fast Pitch Off Season Team Training

Softball Off Season Team Training

Champions Fast Pitch Academy


Speed & Agility and Strength & Conditioning for off season softball.

The off season is the perfect time to take your game to the next level. At Champions Fast Pitch Academy we know how busy softball season can be. So we take this time to improve power, strength, and conditioning to help make better softball players.

By working hard during the off season you’ll be in prime shape when your team takes the field for its first game. You’ll find yourself hitting the ball harder and farther. Your speed and agility will be better. Balls that were once out of reach will be playable.


The Goal

Improve performance and prevent injury.


Approach To Team Training

Teams spend 90 minutes working on speed, power, agility, and strength.

45 minutes is devoted to the development of speed and conditioning. The other 45 minutes is spent working on strength and power.


Speed, Agility, And Conditioning For Softball

Speed is a critical aspect of softball. It’s also a skill that can be learned and improved on. Through various drills teams work on correct running form for more efficiency. Agility drills are use to improve change of direction.
Strength Training For Softball

Strength is an important part of developing a softball player. It helps to improve power for hitting, throwing and pitching.

At Champions Fast Pitch Academy we use plyometric and weight training exercises to increase power and strength.

45 minutes is spent working on strength development. That time is spent working on…

  • proper lifting technique to ensure athletes are safe
  • plyometric drills to improve power to make more explosive athletes
  • weight training to increase strength
  • shoulder and core pre-hab to keep the shoulders healthy to prevent injuries

The combination of the strength and conditioning not only makes faster, more powerful athletes but it helps to develop mental toughness so needs errors can be avoided.


Off season training is available for girls ages: 12u-18u.

The cost is $20/Athlete for a 1&1/2 hour session. A commitment of 9 athletes for 8 weeks is needed to secure your spot.

Training sessions are available 1 or 2 times per week.

Sessions start November 15th. Space is limited and spots are filled first come first serve. So hurry now and reserve your game winning edge now. Contact Jocilyn Yarnell with your questions and to set up your team training sessions today.
Jocilyn Yarnell



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