Competitors 11/16/15

A.Power Snatch 5×1.1.1 as heavy as possible
10s b/w reps and 2 min b/w sets

B. TNG Power Snatch 3×3.3.3 @75% 1RM Power Snatch
(hold bar overhead for 10s between the 3 reps)

C. 10×2 Front Squats at 70% rest 10s between sets

D.4 Rounds for Time
30 cal row
15 Burpees over Erg

3 Sets not for time 30ft HS walk+30s Handstand hold

B. 3 Sets:
1 Min amrap strict hspu+1 min rest+1 Min kipping+2 minutes rest

C.3 Sets:
25 band push Downs+25 Pull aparts

D. 5 legless ropeclimbs for time
rest 5 min
5 legless ropeclimbs

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