Jocilyn Yarnell

Jocilyn grew up doing gymnastics, competitive cheerleading, and track & field where she excelled in the discus. As a life-long athlete she loved learning about the human body and how to make people healthier and stronger. This inspired her to earn a degree in Exercise and Health Science from Kennesaw State University where she also  continued to cheer and helped her team to win back to back NCA division I All-Girl championships in 2010 and 2011. After beginning CrossFit she has competed at the USAW American Open in 2013, and will be competing at the 2014 Southeast CrossFit Regionals.

After she graduated, she interned as strength and conditioning coach at the Walker School and Georgia Tech. While at the Walker School, head coach Brandon Phillips introduced her to CrossFit. It was the combination of the fun, competitive, and challenging environment that made her fall in love with sport. Now working as a Strength and Conditioning Coach and Level 1 CrossFit coach at CTC CrossFit she strives to help people reach their goals from pursuing their career at a Division I school to being able to pick up their grand-children.

Taylor Graham


Louis Vega


Originally from McDonough, Georgia, and moved to Kennesaw this past December. He is pursuing a second degree in Exercise Science at Kennesaw State University. He completed his bachelors in Sport Management at the University of West Georgia in July 2013. He currently  holds the CrossFit Level 1 certification (CFL1), Action Personal Training certification and plans on obtaining more certifications as he gains more experience in the field of exercise and fitness.
He was first introduced to CrossFit February 2012 when a friend asked if he wanted to do a “workout competition.” Little did he know that this event would be the worst, yet best experience of his life. He was beat by kids half my size and/or age, thus triggering my interest to gain more experience and knowledge in this fitness phenomena and why it was so successful. Since he  introduced CrossFit workouts into his life, it has ONLY benefited his life in various aspects. His mental, physical, social, spiritual, and environmental state of mind have all improved and allow me to have a balance in my personal wellness. CrossFit has provided him with awesome physical results, opened new doors to friendships, brought me closer to God, and allowed me to give back to the community in ways he never thought imaginable.
He enjoys being a coach in CrossFit solely because of the tightly knit community that it creates. That feeling when an athlete conquers a fear, reaches a lifetime goal and/ or result, or even shows an enormous amount of progression in a short time, is all motivating factors to keep pushing people to their physical limits and ensure the best quality coaching possible. It is truly inspiring to see the progression of others through this fitness model that we call CrossFit.



Steve Tamborra

Steve Tamborra

Steve Tamborra is currently an assistant player development coach at Georgia Tech. He has been at Tech since 1999. Prior to that he was at Florida State in a simular capacity from 1995 to 1999. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition & Fitness and Master of Science in Athletic Administration from Florida State.

Tamborra is Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach by the CSCCa and NSCA, TPI Certified Fitness Professional Level 2 by Titleist Performance Institute, a CrossFit Level  1 Trainer Certificate, and a Certified Club Coach by USA Weightlifting. He has written one book, Complete Conditioning for Baseball, which was published in late 2007.




 Louis Vega


Lou is a former 9-year Arena Football Athlete, who began his football career back home in the Bronx while attending Mount Saint Michael’s Academy.

With great determination he walked-on to the Mountaineers Football program for West Virginia University; where he contributes the “love for fitness” began.

After retiring at 31 years of age, Lou found himself physically and mentally beat up due to the years of entertaining thousands of fans spanning across 40 plus states. It was then he knew he needed a change. His walk into becoming a NCCPT certified trainer expands over 4 years of his countless reading and researching to better his own body in the pursuit of a higher level of fitness.

Having been trained and coached by many noted professionals, coming to CTC wasn’t a hard decision. He loves everything Crossfit, especially what CTC has to offer, from the rush of feeling a part of something bigger like playing on a football team, to the camaraderie of community members, close community activities, and more importantly the pursuit of helping other became the best version of themselves.


Self-Quote: Not all muscles are built in a gym. You have to work out from the neck up, too. Fitness is about learning and growing with timeless truths and cutting edge, life-changing information.

As a Fitness Coach, Lou has the tools to personalize a unique solution, based on your needs and wants in LIFE.

This is the year to change your life, join CTC CrossFit